Where Progress, Creativity, and Community Thrive

Some of us were born here. Some came for an education, to start a career, or raise a family. And though we were drawn here for different reasons, we all found the same thing: a reason to stay.

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Located between Chicago and Indianapolis, right off I-65, we are the proud home of Purdue University and one of the smartest working cities on the planet. Our people make art, advance science and make each other greater. You, too, can thrive here.

Ready to Join Us?

Whether you’re an individual interested in moving to Greater Lafayette for new opportunities or looking to start a business that leverages our world-class talent, we’re ready to help you get started!


At the heart of our community are organizations of people who work, play, and belong right here in Greater Lafayette. They know what it takes to make our community greater, and we’re working with them every step of the way.


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