Greater Lafayette has talent for every venture. Whether you need resilient engineers, advanced manufacturing technicians, or hard working support staff, the right people for your business call our community home.


Stories of individuals, businesses, and organizations making a greater impact in Greater Lafayette.

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Innovation Story

A Sweet Saab Story

Built so they would come, Purdue University-affiliated Discovery Park District landed Swedish-based Saab as a major aeronautic manufacturing facility in May. It’s a perfect match.

When companies come, they feel the sincerity of our local leaders. They experience how truly collaborative we are. They see the quality of our existing workforce and our commitment to developing it further. They learn about the expertise available and the bright young minds being turned out by our world-leading educational institutions. When you combine all that with the affordability of our great quality of life, it makes our community among the most compelling of places to consider locating a business.

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Aligning education, skills, and careers.
All students deserve equitable access to an education that nurtures, develops, and empowers them to reach their full potential. Greater Lafayette Commerce has partnered with area schools, Ivy Tech, and regional employers in an ecosystem that helps students “connect the dots” between their education and a career. By aligning education standards with high-demand skills, the Greater Lafayette Career+™ Ecosystem will enhance and grow local and regional opportunities for students in grades K-12.

Inclusive Community

We believe in building up a better community. That means listening to our people, thinking critically about our decisions, and never accepting less than great.

For those living here now and for those who will create the fabric of our community’s future, we cannot settle for “good.” The same innovation and creativity that drive our industry must be channeled into the people, places, and things that make Greater Lafayette greater.

That’s why we’re committed to the continuous process of evolving from good to great. This report created in 2012 outlines the strides we’ve taken and the ones we commit to carrying forward in the future.

Join us in making Greater Lafayette greater.

Military members with American flag patch
Military member holding their happy child

As a family-friendly community bursting with opportunity, Greater Lafayette welcomes our nation’s veterans. To make the transition into our community as seamless as possible, our Veteran Attraction Task Force—made up of local veteran industry leaders—works to create a welcoming community for the bravest members of our country.

Our Welcome Home program is a concierge service for veterans and their families relocating to Greater Lafayette. We create support groups at large businesses, assist families with any need they have while integrating into our community, and help veterans connect with local schools, churches, realtor partners, and additional military transition services.



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